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Necklace Organization

Don’t you hate trying to untangle jewelry or those impossible knots in a delicate chain? Me too. Which is why for years now I’ve been hanging my necklaces on a peg board.

I found this grass-cloth board at Target a while ago. Just a little fancier than an office cork board since this hangs in my bedroom. The system definitely makes life easier when I’m running out the door in the morning. Plus… it’s pretty!



The Week in Review | September 23-27

What a beautiful fall week in New England! I hope it was lovely where you are. Here’s my round up from the best of the blogosphere…

Where We Are Blog Week in Review

  1. This cottage makeover will knock your socks off. Julia from Hooked on Houses featured all the befores and afters of this stunning makeover this week.
  2. I love me some white brick and this week, Myquillyn from Nesting Place featured a fab mantel makeover!
  3. Fall weather makes me want to break out the crock pots. Yes pots plural. We have both a veggie friendly and a carnivore friendly pot in this house. That way we can make two chilis at once! But I’ve never tried a loaf of bread! Farima from Design Happens features a slew of recipes for the slow cooker including this bread loaf from a friend.
  4. Emily A. Clark features some subtle fall decorating tips on her blog this week including this gorgeous tablescape. Seasonal doesn’t have to mean tacky wiches with brooms! Capture the coziness of the season with color and texture…
  5. …or some lovely fall planters like these beauties from Laura over at Bright Bold & Beautiful.

Laundry Today or…

Why does it seem like bathroom art always consists of florals or bad hotel prints? Obviously, I’m not a fan. So when it came to our new master bath, I wanted something different and fun.

This quote is all over the internet but none of the designs were appealing to me. So I whipped up a little faux chalkboard number in Photoshop. A little reminder of “Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow” will certainly brighten up laundry day!




Pull Up a Stool & Stay a While

We picked up these industrial chic stools from Joss & Main for our kitchen peninsula before the peninsula even existed! I just know that on these stools there will be plenty of sleepy morning cups of coffee, late night chats, and cousin game nights!

If you’re interested in some unique pieces and great deals, check out Joss & Main. It’s an online auction site with exclusive sales every day. Their themed collections are from highly coveted brands and niche designers. New sales launch daily at 11 a.m. EST and run for a limited time. So catch them while you can!




Vintage Bazaar

This past Sunday, my cousin Maria invited all the cousins to the Vintage Bazaar up at Pettengill Farm in Salisbury, Massachusetts. One hundred and thirty antiques and craft vendors set up mini shops all over the farm two weekends a year. Maria, having gone in the Spring, claimed that it was right up my alley… and boy was she right!


The morning was grey and rainy but as soon as we arrived at the farm, the sky cleared and it turned out to be a beautiful fall day. The farmhouse with it’s lovely gardens was a site to see in itself but to the left and right were tents upon tents with vendors, food, pumpkin bowling, and live music.




We met up with my cousin Alex and his wife Sara for some furniture hunting. All of us are fairly new homeowners so we had our sights on some particulars. For us, it was a new coffee table. I had originally wanted to do a paint wash on our old coffee table but after one failed attempt, I can’t even bring myself to look at it covered up and sitting in our backyard.

But enough about that- on to the booths! We all oooed and ahhhed over this super long bench. “We could fit every cousin on it!”


This vendor had some bright and cheery colors and I loved these Mr. & Mrs. banners.


This little navy number kept catching my eye. The color was fabulous especially with the white milk glass set on top.


And this vendor had the most lovely color scheme! Everything was creamy ivories and greys! I felt right at home. And a pumpkin on a pedestal? Why didn’t I think of that!


After a fun morning of browsing I finally saw it. The perfect trunk for a coffee table! We’re going to add some casters to the bottom to give it a little more height but other than that, it’s perfect! Here it is in our living room below. All in all, a very successful trip to the Bazaar!


The No-Cook-Book

During our renovation, we’ve eaten out quite a bit. It was always noon and we were knee deep in grout or paint and all of the sudden a tummy would grumble and.. we. needed. food. now.

Luckily, Winthrop has no shortage of great local sub shops and pizza places. And in fact, now that we’ve moved into our house, some how all of their take out menus keep showing up in our mailbox. I love to cook and I desperately need to since all that take out has manifested itself on our waistlines. But every now and then, it’s fun to stop by our favorite Blackstrap BBQ or BYOB to dinner at D’Parma’s or get a half cheese half pepperoni from the Winthrop Pizza Center.


But all these menus drive me crazy piled in a drawer somewhere so I created my own little No-Cook-Book.


All I needed was a cute little binder, some plastic sleeves, and five minutes.


With all my menus sorted by category- Subs, Pizza, Mexican, Chinese- I have the perfect go to binder for when that “must-get-food-now” feeling strikes!

The Week in Review | September 16-20

Week in Review

  1. There are so many great DIY projects in the blogs this week but Katie from Bower Power installed a faux brick wall that caught my attention. With the walls so beat up in the second floor bedroom (the blue room), wouldn’t a faux brick wall painted white be a super cute solution?
  2. Jamielyn from I Heart Nap Time is a woman after my own heart with these pumpkin woopie pies with maple frosting. Yum!
  3. And since you really can’t have enough pumpkin, I was also drooling over this homemade pumpkin spice latte syrup from Emma at A Beautiful Mess. She had me in stitches over the “pumpkin spice latte effect.” It’s her theory about everyone getting a little bit nicer in September. And I believe it! I mean how can you not smile when you think of pumpkins? Honestly. Pun’kins!
  4. And finally, I was a little obsessed with this house tour over at Jones Design Company blog. All the greys and creams, the textures, the fall decor in the dining room, and especially her office with it’s big black chalkboard wall. What’s not to love?

Hi My Name is Julie and I'm Thirty

Happy Birthday to me. I’m going to spare you a post about how crazy it is that I’m no longer in my 20s. It’s really not that crazy. And in fact, I could not be happier about this milestone birthday. I once wrote a “Things to Do Before 30” list. Some things were silly (drink a really good bottle of wine, host a dinner party), others huge (marry my best friend, earn a-certain-dollar-value salary). I’m proud to say I’ve checked off most of the list and what’s left doesn’t seem to matter as much as I thought it would when I was 20. Priorities change and so do people but I like who I am and the people I spend my days with as a 30-year-old.

So cheers to any other 1983 babies out there!

Growing Old

For Your Protection



Our kitchen is a total transformation and probably my favorite room in our house. I couldn’t be more pleased with the materials we used and the choices we made. When I think back to the great countertop debate and how many showrooms we visited, I can’t imagine ever putting anything but butcher block in our kitchen. It’s so warm and lovely and absolutely necessary against all the shiny metal and slick white surfaces. And I don’t think there could be anything other than that gorgeous polished marble for a back splash. It’s stunning!


But in choosing marble and butcher block, we’ve also opened ourselves up to two materials that require a little maintenance. So this past week, we experimented with the mineral oil treatment I talked about here. A little sanding, a clean surface, and a couple ounces of mineral oil and I was pretty impressed with the result. Our countertops are glowing! It did darken it a little but what’s even nicer is it seemed to make the variations between the planks pop. You can see all the light and dark tones now.


And for the marble, we knew we needed to seal the surface since marble is so porous and even with a polished surface, it could absorb stains. After one coat of sealant, water was beading nicely. An even line of silicone caulk between the marble and the countertops gave a perfect finish. It’s amazing what a difference these little finishing touches make!



Our House Tour

You can always check the status of our house by clicking on the House Tour page above. For now, let’s take a look at these before and current photos because it’s pretty stunning- if we do say so ourselves!

Living Room looking into Dining Room



Living Room



Dining Room Back Wall



Dining Room looking into Kitchen






More Kitchen



Master Bedroom



Master Bedroom Closet