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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Hopefully you’re already starting your long weekend and getting a jump start on summer. As for us, we’re meeting a very special young lady this weekend- our month old niece! So enjoy your beach time or barbecues and I’ll catch you back here late next week!

The State of My Uterus

It’s occupied.


Yup, that’s right. We’re pregnant! This is the official public announcement that Jared and I are expecting our first baby this December.
I’ll still be updating this blog with our projects around the house… hello nursery! But sprinkled in among the DIY, will be updates on the pregnancy for friends and family near and far (as well as total strangers!). I’d like to call these bump updates “Bumpdates” and here’s your first…

photo - Version 2

HOW FAR ALONG: 10 weeks
BABY SIZE: Kumquat
GENDER: Jared says boy, parents say girl, I say it’s 50/50 (because I’m wicked smaht!)
WHAT TO WEAR: No maternity clothes yet but lots of baggy shirts
SLEEP: Sleeping very well- though waking up to pee is a new concept for me
MOVEMENT: Nothing I can feel but boy did we see it on the ultrasound!
MISSING: Feeling not nauseous
CRAVINGS: Cheese and Popsicles
SYMPTOMS: Nausea, fatigue, really sore boobs
HUSBAND: Making lots of ginger ale runs and being really supportive of his pukey wife!

The Week in Review | May 12-16

I hope you enjoyed all the sun porch posts over the last few weeks. I promise not to bore you with that little crooked room any more! In fact, Where We Are Blog is taking a bit of a turn next week. We have an announcement to make and I bet you can guess what it is! Spoiler alert: we’re not moving! But it does involve a construction project of sorts. For now, here’s a little taste of the blogosphere…

Week in Review

  1. It was all about the outdoors this week! Kristin at the Hunted Interior painted her shed black. Way to go bold Kristin! I think it paid off! Especially with that gorgeous bone white plate display! Genius!
  2. It’s Overflowing is ready to overflow into the back yard and gives some great tips on outdoor entertaining.
  3. If you’re planning on an active summer, Pottery Barn’s Inside & Out Blog has great storage solutions for all that gear.
  4. A gourmet s’mores bar?! How do I get on that invite list? Check out these fun options like Chocolate Graham Crackers and Sea Salt Caramel Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares from Life on Virginia Street. Yum!

Hey Look! A Sun Porch!

Sometimes an alternative can be so fantastic, you start to forget what option one was. Over the last two weeks we’ve revealed our dingy little sun porch, the face lift we gave it with some paint and accessories, and now the make over is complete!


I absolutely love the seating option we chose. This love seat and club chair are from Target’s Threshold Collection. I was really drawn to the boxy arms and the grey-brown color of the waterproof wicker. The cushions are a nice taupe color with decent padding.



These pale blue pillows from Homegoods are for outdoor use so should stand up against the beating sun.


The porch is so inviting to walk into at the end of a long day. Like our own little summer cottage retreat. With our first couple of 75 degree days in a row here, we’ve put the screens down to let the ocean breezes in. It’s just the perfect spot for day dreaming and lemonade sipping and I intend to waste many a summer evening here!

The Week in Review | May 5-9

Well I hope by now you have some sort of a Mother’s Day plan. Whether it’s a full fledged day at the spa or a homemade card, tell your Mom she’s awesome because let’s face it, she really freakin’ is! Here’s some fab ideas from my fellow bloggers…

Week in Review

  1. Pottery Barn’s Inside Out Blog featured a classic breakfast in bed. Though I’m sure this one took a master chef of a husband to prepare. Most kids opt for the classic Captain Crunch breakfast in bed when serving Mom.
  2. Heather from Whisperberry turned a tea tin and a travel mug into an adorable gift for Mom with this “tea-riffic mom” label!
  3. Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like a homemade creation. Cranberry Almond Granola Bites? Yes please. Get the recipe from Camille Styles.
  4. Or DIY with Mom and put together this herb tower! Very impressive Cottage & Vine!
  5. Who hasn’t picked dandelions for Mom at one point or another? A couple of blooms in a berry basket is a sweet treat! Check out more floral ideas over at Shoes Off Please.

Sun Porch Seating Options

Last week I shared our big sun porch reveal and revealed that we still hadn’t purchased any seating options. It’s a nice sun porch but you can’t do much but stand out there.


We intended to purchase this sectional from IKEA but their lack of inventory became so frustrating, we decided to shop elsewhere.

IKEAThere are plenty of outdoor seating options out there! It seems like just about everyone is pushing a wicker collection these days. But taking in to consideration size, price, and aesthetic (I have my heart set on a boxy kind of seat, one that you could rest a drink on the arm) really narrowed down the options.

So what do you think we’ll choose?




The Week in Review | April 28 – May 2

Anyone else sick of the rain? Farewell April you chilly, soggy, biatch. Bring on the sunshine! Here are some bright pics from the blogosphere to jump start your May!

Week in Review

  1. Succulents seem to be all the rage lately. I guess someone got the memo that they are black thumb immune. These things can survive anywhere in anything. Waiting on Martha arranged these beautifully in classic terracotta pots.
  2. Beautiful prints are a popular idea for Mother’s Day this year and Erin at Elements of Style featured a number of great choices including this darling herb print.
  3. Emily & Sarah from Boxwood Clippings created a customized family tree using a Martha Stewart template and a Target frame!
  4. Cottage and Vine stumbled upon this stunning kitchen makeover. It’s actually from an episode of American Dream Builders which I am absolutely obsessed with! Nate Berkus can do no wrong!
  5. Another gorgeous kitchen! House Tweaking visited friends with this beautifully renovated old house. This kitchen with it’s tall ceilings is completely dreamy!

Sun Porch Makeover Reveal

Alright, I’ve left you in suspense long enough. The reasoning behind the delay is due to IKEA’s shotty inventory predictability for the wicker sectional we wanted. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some IKEA but when you have to leave work, drive 30 minutes to the store, borrowing your father’s truck- you really should be able to purchase online and have a guaranteed pick up in store. But that’s not how my big blue friend rolls. They have this “inventory predictor” that has no rhyme or reason to it from the consumer’s point of view. One day there’s nine in stock, the next day two, the next day none until three come in on Thursday, oy vey!

Well sectional or not (and in this case not), I’m fairly certain this is the best this little crooked sun porch has ever looked…


It’s amazing what a coat of paint will do!


Or a couple coats, really. Definitely took some priming but after that, basic white did the trick. We peeled up all the faux wood parquet tiles and painted the floor the same Benjamin Moore Rockport Grey as our master bedroom floor.


The curtains were a small stroke of genius if I do say so myself. Knowing that a rod was next to impossible since the curtains butted up to the ceiling and anything structural would look ridiculous in a sloping sun porch, we decided to clip shower curtain rings onto metal rope tightened with a turn buckle. The shower curtains soften the corners of the room, add a little privacy, and are already moisture resistant in case we leave the screens open in a rain storm.


But it’s the accessories that make this porch so inviting. I’ll even tell you where we got everything!


Galvanized Outdoor Light from Lowes. Farmer’s Market Sign and Barn Star from Homegoods.


Wooden Table came from a friend and Hood Bin was antique find from my Mum. Watering Can from Target. Boxwood Spheres from Homegoods. The big sphere has tiny twinkle lights in it!



Vintage Mounted Bottle Opener from Target.


Glass Globe String Lights from Target.


I absolutely loved opening both French doors on Easter and letting the party spill out onto the porch. It would have been even nicer with seating but what can you do! We’ll keep searching for alternatives and keep IKEA in our big blue back pocket.

before and after