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Tiles & Granite & Chairs- Oh My!

How was your long weekend? God I love how many holidays Massachusetts has! Sorry Richmonders!

Over the long weekend, Jared and I visited our new home (as you saw here) and visited furniture stores and showrooms galore!

IKEA was having a President’s Day Sale which basically meant the store was packed with people and 2 tables and frozen yogurt was on sale. So stupid! But it was a valuable trip because we brought our contractor (aka Dad) and took a closer look at my kitchen cabinets. The 3D rendering allowed us to really figure out what we needed and we’ll be able to order it all online in March when  IKEA is having an actual big sale- thanks to our inside source on that one Briggsy! Plus I fell in love with these dining room chairs below and got Jared all excited about IKEA’s closet organizational systems. Yes, we have a walk in. Jealous?

IKEA chairs

Jared spotted a tile showroom across the street so we popped in for some tile style! The Tile Shop was awesome. Before we even walked in the door, Jared spotted the kitchen back splash tile we’ve been searching for (see below). That was the easy one. Tile for the mudroom floor- not so much. We know we want slate and I’m sure I want texture but do we want flat dark color? Or something with color variations? Not sure. But the trip was a total success when Dad got a contractor’s account so we now have 25% off our purchases. Score!


A final stop at the Granite Shop made us feel a little racist. “Supreme White” was the only pick for me. I swear I’m not racist! It’s just a beautiful white granite with grey veins. Gorgeous. But the name is a little Hitler-esque. Don’t you think?

Anyways, the particulars are certainly coming together! So exciting!

The Look for Less – Living Room

Time for another “The Look for Less” post!

We have some decent pieces of furniture for our living room already but there’s a couple things I’m looking for in particular for the new house.

This coffee table is the perfect balance of industrial and rustic. It’s chunky but doesn’t feel like it’s taking up the whole room thanks to the openness under the table top.

Tables 1. Restoration Hardware | 2.

This cracks me up because I know this is a designy thing that my husband will laugh at but these floor poufs are everywhere now! And I happen to love them!

poufs1. CB2 | 2. Target

And finally, floor lamps. I’ve always loved this Photographer’s floor lamp from Pottery Barn but check out this deal from Target.

Lamps1. Pottery Barn | 2. Target

Some People Look for a Beautiful Space…

Others make a space beautiful!

That’s the goal but check out what we’re working with here. Now as you scroll down I want you to hear the music from the Psycho shower scene. You know- eeek eeek eeek!


dining room

Keep scrolling… eeeek, eeeek, eeeek



Eeek, eeek, eeek!


third floor


OK done. Are you terrified? Trust me- it’s all cosmetic. We’re taking a wall down here, making a larger opening there, and absolutely nothing will look the same.

Less than a month until close and six weeks until the current owner vacates! Woo hoo!

No Spill Zone

I get to see our house for the second time this Saturday! Woo hoo! Jared wants to walk around with my Dad and take some more measurements and I get to finally show the house to my Mum who has been dying to see it- in fact she stalks the house occasionally driving by or taking a walk in that neighborhood. I’m sure her Camry has been put on the Neighborhood Watch list of suspicious vehicles.

So as I’ve mentioned before, the first floor will pretty much be gutted on day one. Jared is concerned with the insulation so we’ll replace or reinforce that. The walls will be redone with new moldings and baseboards and the floors are hopefully in good enough shape to be refinished.

My biggest fear was that we’d find a house with gorgeous woodwork and I’d make my father cry by wanting it all painted white. This is a much better scenario. All trim in that house is probably lead so it’s coming down anyways. Knowing I want everything white means we can buy inexpensive wood for all moldings and baseboards. So score!

Almost everything will be shades of white, grey, tan, ivory, etc. I dig the monochromatic look. I think it looks rich and it’s calming. My parents joke that no one will be able to spill anything in our house. But my loving husband came to my defense saying that no one but me could get away with all white and keep it looking impeccable. I know, I know, just wait till we have kids. But if they’re anything like me, they’ll be organizing their stuffed animals by size… or color… or species!!

To say I’m a neat freak is an understatement. I love to clean. I love to organize even more. It calms me. If I have a bad day, I scrub the hell out of the kitchen floor. And you know it’s been a really bad day if the rubber gloves come out.

I think cleaning is instant gratification. Something was wrong and I fixed it. Just like that! It’s taking control over a situation. Making even the smallest piece of the world better than it was. I know it sounds like I’m making a whole lot out of just cleaning but I’m telling you- it’s important to me. And I love it.

So back to my immaculate white house. Here’s some inspiration for the front entry way and living room.


Love the neutrals with the pop of blue. And I must have that coffee table.

living room

Ignore the hideous star burst sculptures but the rest of it is gorgeous and again, all neutral with a pop of yellow.

living room

More monochromatic goodness.

living rooms

And finally, paint color options. Left – Sherwin Williams Pavilion Beige. Center – Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. Right – Benjamin Moore Bennington Grey.

Paint Colors


Update: Want to see our final selection? Check it out  on our house tour page. Spoiler Alert! It’s Revere Pewter!

Our Kitchen… Now in 3D!

I made a 3D rendering of our kitchen last weekend. I know, check me out, right? IKEA has a tool on their website that allows you to input your room’s dimensions and fill it with IKEA goodness.

We’re a little unsure of the sink and window placement but I think it’s a pretty good estimation of what we’d like it to look like. It’s essentially a galley kitchen- long and narrow with a doorway on either side. But we plan on knocking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room to give us an open peninsula.

Here’s the view from the dining room into the kitchen. There would be a half wall or finished backs to the peninsula cabinets obviously.

Kitchen 3Here’s the view if you walked in the front door through the small entry to the kitchen door.

Kitchen 1

And flipped around- here’s the view if you came in the back door, through the mudroom to the kitchen.

Kitchen 2This is the peninsula. We’re thinking of keeping one set of uppers behind a full wall and then the half wall would allow for a view into the dining room.

Kitchen 4

And here’s the view if you were on the second floor and we had a see-through ceiling. The stools will sit on the dining room side of the peninsula but I had to place them in the boundaries of the room for this rendering.


The Look for Less – Kitchen

I’d be so good at being rich. Seriously. I wouldn’t be obnoxious about it. I probably wouldn’t change much about the plans for the house or my wardrobe- OK, maybe the shoe collection would increase exponentially but other than that I’d travel a little more with my hubby and buy people presents for no reason, and throw awesome parties for even the most trivial of occasions- it’s Tuesday! Paaarrty!

So if anyone feels the need to offload some of their funds, I’d be happy to lighten your load.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah! I’m not rich. But I do have expensive taste. So when Jared gave me the task to design and price out each room I knew it would take a little time and scouring of the interwebs to find some deals on look-a-likes.

Here’s my kitchen finds…


1. Restoration Hardware | 2. Euro Style Lighting | 3. Shades of Light


1. Restoration Hardware | 2. Wisteria

Faucet1. Home Depot | 2. Lowes

Priority One: Kitchen

A new kitchen is a must. Anyone that knows my father knows that the man is an incredibly talented cabinet maker. His work is absolutely beautiful. So I know I’m going to get a ton of flack when I say… we’re getting an IKEA kitchen.

Oh shut up. I want a white kitchen and we have a small budget and it’s just what we are going to do. So enough with the judgement! I can’t take it!

Moving on… here’s some inspiration for my look.


Love these white kitchens with dark wood floors. We also really love the tin ceiling and the blue/green grey tile back-splash.


This shaker style IKEA cabinet with the glass windowpane uppers, library drawer cup pulls, and farmhouse sink is the kitchen of my dreams!



Update: Want to see more kitchen posts? Check out the house tour page above or here, here, here, and here.

Pinning & Planning

The fun has begun! Even though we don’t close on the house officially until March 14th, we want to be prepared to jump into renovations.

So I already mentioned that the house is a bit dated inside. Think textured pink wallpaper and heavy drapes. No offense to the lovely lady that has lived in the house for the last 50 years but it’s a bit grandma. No offense to grandmas either.

Our first plan of attack is the entire first floor. New insulation, new walls, new trim, new half bath, new kitchen. Basically – everything must go!

Jared has mapped out the entire first floor on some computer program. We have an idea about where we’d like to remove a wall and push a wall back. As for the design scheme, I’ve been planning that since before I even knew Jared. Seriously, in my mind the dream house totally outweighed the dream wedding. (Although the dream wedding was completely fantastic!)

Anyways… until we have actual renovation photos to share, I’ll be blogging inspiration. You can also visit my Pinterest boards here. Enjoy!

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