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Tell me you’ve heard of this fabulous app by now! Waterlogue allows you to take any photo and turn it into a work of art. No paint brush required! Just upload a pic- like this one of our home- and turn it into a fluid, vibrant watercolor.

Painted in Waterlogue

Just visit the App Store and download Waterlogue.

photo 1

And just like Instagram, you can take a photo or choose from your photo gallery. I snapped a quick pick of the hydrangeas on my dining room table.

photo 2

Then choose your filter from the selections. You can even zoom, add a border, or adjust the brightness.

photo 3

Then you just export your masterpiece or share it through social media.

photo 5

And voilà! You’re a regular Monet!

Painted in Waterlogue

People have been coming up with some interesting Waterlogues all over social media. It’s amazing how great a rusty bike looks as a watercolor. Or the shoes at the bottom of your closet!

Happy painting to you… and the best part- no clean up!

Painted in Waterlogue

HGTV Dream Home 2014

Tell me you’ve seen this year’s HGTV Dream Home by now? No? Well allow me to show you around!

House 1

Every year, HGTV builds an incredible dream home from the ground up. This year’s house is a modern mountain vacation home located in the Truckee, California community of Schaffer’s Mill. A perfect blend of sleek industrial and rustic coziness, I would gladly curl up with some cocoa through the winter in this dream home.

House 2.5

House 2

The giant trusses with sturdy bolts can be seen from almost anywhere inside or outside the house and act as both a structural and a design element.

House 3

House 4

Just inside the front door, it’s obvious that this house was designed to bring the outdoors in with floor-to-ceiling views and nature-inspired materials. You know I’m loving the slate! I wonder why they didn’t call Jared to lay that tile?

The foyer leads you straight outside to this back eating area. Or you can take a right to the living area or a left to the bedrooms. Let’s swing to the right and into the kitchen/dining area.

House 8

House 8.5

Here you can really see those big beautiful trusses and the iron beams that support them. More natural elements in the countertops and rich hardwood floors.

House 5

And obviously, those views are on display!

House 6

House 7

The living area warms up with more fall colors and fantastic lighting. Hmmm… that orb sure looks familiar.

House 13

More fall colors perk up a guest room and a Muppet themed kids room!

House 11

House 12

Kermit looks right at home!

House 14

House 15

The master bedroom is quite sophisticated and I’m in love with this master bath tub and river rock shower.

House 9

House 10

And all of this could be yours! Just visit HGTV Dream Home and register to win! Tomorrow’s the last day for entries so sign up quick! Fingers crossed!

Clip/Chalk Boards

Did you check out my cute chalkboard clip board yesterday?


I wanted something at the desk for magazine clippings, recipes, etc. but didn’t want anything tacky like a big white board. So I grabbed three old brown clipboards and decided to spray them with chalkboard paint.


First I covered the metal clip with painters tape.


Then I used Rust-Oleum Chalk Board spray paint to put two coats on the boards.



They dry super fast but make sure to put another coat on after they fully dry. Just one won’t cut it for writing with chalk.


With the tape off the clip, I love the way these turned out. The matte black finish is just perfect for this area and keeps with my overall rustic theme.


Kitchen Command Center Reveal

How was your weekend? Did you watch the Super Bowl? Me neither. Anyways, let’s cut to the chase. Here it is! Our kitchen command center…



I’m so pleased with how it turned out. It doesn’t look out of place at all. The cabinet and butcher block go with the rest of our kitchen and the wicker chair and baskets on the open shelves look right at home in a kitchen.


The shelves are perfect! They fill the space nicely with the perfect balance of function and flair.


The print of our house was a Christmas present from my brother and sister-in-law and it’s one of the best gifts we’ve ever received. What could be more appropriate after a year spent focusing all our time and energy on this place? It’s beautiful and I’m so glad it’s in a place of honor. The middle frame contains a page from the book Eat, Pray, Love that spoke to me and the smallest frame a print from Etsy.

The metal anchor was inherited from our home’s previous owner. If you remember, I gave them a little makeover here.  The small “antique” camera is actually a pencil sharpener but seems fitting in the space I’ll edit my photography for this blog. And finally the baskets from IKEA house all my camera equipment.


All of the accessories I had. This cute topiary, a flower pot for markers, an old silver vase for pencils. The chalkboard clipboard is perfect for notes, holding recipes to try, or inspirational pics from magazines.


A couple of drawer organizers from HomeGoods helped corral office supplies and keys in the top drawer.


The bottom drawer has plenty of space for magazines, catalogs, and my design inspiration clipboard.


Now I’m never one to discuss money in public. Frankly, I find it incredibly rude. However, I know a lot of bloggers break down projects in terms of cost and I have been asked by several readers about our budget for certain rooms so I thought that for this project, I’d share.

I wanted to complete this desk area for $500 and am happy to say, I went over by a mear $14. The bulk of the budget was spent at IKEA where we purchased the cabinet, counter top, two table legs, the two shelves, and the two baskets. I typically shop around but in this case, since I wanted to match our kitchen cabinets and countertops exactly, IKEA was the only option. The shelves and table legs were a fantastic deal there so those came home with us that day too. I got the wicker dining chair at Pier One using a 20% off coupon. Most of the accessories and office supplies I already had and the lamp is from Target years ago. But I did spend about $20 on the drawer organizers, some new Sharpies and pencils, and the clipboard.

Price BreakdownThis command center adds so much to our home. I’m able to edit and organize my photos so much easier with everything right there and writing blog posts at a desk is so much more comfortable than perching my laptop somewhere throughout the house. I also think it will become so essential as our family grows and I can keep track of kids schedules and family paperwork as it inevitably comes into the house. Happy to command our home (with my hubs) from this kitchen command center!


Command Center in Flux

The plan was to bang this project out this week. Husband’s don’t like that when you say, “uh, yes we’re assembling this tonight.” But the man must love me because we spent the evening attaching the IKEA cabinet to the butcher block, adding a couple of legs, and hanging two shelves.

First things first- Dad brought over the cabinet he modified to sit perfectly at desk height. It was fabulous.


The legs went on easily when we flipped the butcher block upside down. We got these legs at IKEA too by the way. I thought it would be too much to close in the space with a cabinet on either side. The legs give an airier feel to the passage between the kitchen and dining room.


The two drawers slid nicely into place. Gotta love that soft close hardware from IKEA!


I knew I wanted open shelves above the desk but I have to admit, even I was overwhelmed by IKEA’s selection. They really do have everything from steel minimal brackets to ornate rod iron brackets and everything in between. Jared pointed out these wooden black brackets that I love. They add a touch of country to the modern white shelf and they look fantastic by the black half bath door across from it.


With a gorgeous wicker chair from Pier One, my Kitchen Command Center was almost complete! Stay tuned!

Commanding Attention

Did you guess my new project from my teaser yesterday? I’ve talked about it before and with a strict $500 budget, I set out to create my Kitchen Command Center.

You see we have this space…


See? Here…


And what I don’t have is a place for my laptop or camera equipment or general paperwork and office supplies. Sure Jared has an office upstairs but that’s his office and since he works from home, it really needs to act as a professional space just for him.

So like I said, $500 and a mission to create a desk in our kitchen that doesn’t look like… well, a desk in the middle of the kitchen. I want it to go, to fit, to look like “hey, at first glance that looks like part of your kitchen but by golly that’s a nifty command center you have there!”

So off to IKEA we went to get just one more cabinet and one more piece of butcher block countertop. With a matching cabinet and top, the “desk” would fit perfectly in our kitchen. But the trick is that the desk obviously needs to be lower than countertop height. Enter my Dad with his custom cabinetry abilities.

photo 1

He drew up a little sketch and determined we’d need to cut just a couple inches off the top of the cabinet and a couple inches off the bottom to form a small toe kick and voilà! The three drawer base cabinet would turn into a perfect two drawer desk base.

photo 5

photo 4

Can you picture it yet?

photo 2



New Project Teaser Post

We’re working on a project that I’m pretty excited about. Any ideas from this photo?


What could one chair, a table leg, black brackets, wicker baskets, and a topiary have in common? Hmmmm. Find out this week!

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

No I’m not talking about football. Please! I couldn’t even tell you who was playing if it wasn’t for my New York Times push notifications. No, I’m talking about that pesky flu. It swept through our office over the last two weeks and I simply refuse to be sick.

My strategy? Juicing.

Let me preface this post by saying that I am not a medical professional nor a nutritionist but I am one hundred percent obsessed with food. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost two decades now and eating a plant-based diet has so many benefits. The more I read and the more documentaries I watch (check out A Place at the Table and Food Matters) I know that you really and truly are what you eat.

About two years ago Jared and I bought a Breville Juicer. Juicing is one of the fastest ways to get nutrients into your body and all those yummy vitamins that will boost your immune system and help fight off those nasty germs.


I like to try different variations but I almost always incorporate kale, cucumbers, and herbs. And my favorite ingredient for sweetness is beets. They also turn the juice a lovely purpley red rather than the orangey green you’ll see with this concoction.



After smooshing everything down the juicer shoot, you are left with a lot of clean up. After dissembling the pieces, each bit needs to be scooped out and wiped down and the strainer needs a little extra elbow grease with the help of a special juicer brush.


But the juice is mighty tasty and honestly, it is a powerful potion. I feel invigorated when we juice in the morning. An extra boost of energy. My skin is brighter, my eyes are whiter. It really is amazing what happens when you actually give the body what it needs.


And BONUS: no flu yet! <Knock on our lovely wood counters!> Stay healthy!

More Mudroom Planning

Our mudroom is currently “the room with the treadmill” but eventually we will add storage solutions to make this an uber functional space.


That wall to the left of the window in the photo above is the perfect spot to tuck away some free standing closets. If you remember back in November I talked about the need for closets in the mudroom here. So here’s what we’re thinking.


These PAX cabinets from IKEA are just perfect for the space. I love the shaker style fronts and the slate grey color. We could devote a single door closet to my cleaning supplies (vacuum, Swiffer, various bottles and sprays) and a double door closet to off season clothing like the bulky jackets and boots that are currently taking up half of our closet space in our bedroom.

Have you visited the IKEA website to design your own PAX Wardrobe? Select your size and doors and then the inside combinations are endless! Your can insert drawers, shoe racks, boxes, bins, you name it! It’s the perfect storage solution for any room without closets. Happy storing!

Pop a Squat

Great expression. And now you can! In our mudroom! This new bench came fully assembled from Home Decorator’s Club and we love it. It’s the perfect fit for this wall and the perfect blend of colors and textures.



We plan on adding a rack for hanging coats above our new bench. There’s plenty of space.


Maybe something like this shelf from Pottery Barn. Although I’d like to have more than three hooks and a shelf like this seems more like a dust collector in such a functional space.


We’ve talked about doing something funky like a piece of driftwood with hooks to play up the greys in the slate and add something fun to the room.


Whatever we decide, we are enjoying the fact that we can take our time with it. Our renovation was a mad dash to get my impatient butt moved into our house. Now that we’re in, I can’t tell you how nice it is to make decisions and say, “Yeah, let’s sit on that. Something will either come along or we can order that whenever.”

I’ll share our “whenever we get to it” plans for the rest of this room tomorrow. Until then, pop a squat and I’ll catch ya later!