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I Like Big Bags & I Can Not Lie

So obviously you know how much I love big bags from my Can’t Live Without It post last Friday but my love for big bags doesn’t just end at totes and vintage Wicker handbags. Oh no, I’m madly in love with my diaper bag.

diaper bag 6

We’re only just starting to venture out on trips with the little man. A harsh winter combined with an infant during cold and flu season makes for a long hibernation. But now that spring has sprung, we’re making some short day trips with Eli.

So what’s in my diaper bag you ask? Well let me show you…

diaper bag 5

It’s a lot but as we’ve found- entirely necessary. I’m sure things will change as he grows but since I love other bloggers “What’s in my bag” posts, I thought I’d let you all be nosey and check out mine.

First of all, this bag was a gift from my cousin and his wife and I absolutely love it. I bought an organizer with different sized pockets from Amazon since I need compartments and not a bottomless pit kind of bag.

I store everything with four categories in mind- diapering, feeding, comfort, and mommy musts.

diaper bag 4

Diapering is pretty basic- changing pad, diapers, wipes, creams, dirty diaper bags, and a change of clothes in case, well, you know. I also bring a couple washcloths and wet bags that could be used for a variety of things.

diaper bag 3

Feeding is sure to evolve (it already has since we’ve stopped breastfeeding) but for now it includes a bottle or two, my formula dispenser (I talked about this handy gadget here), extra formula on-the-go packets, burp cloths, and a bottle of water just in case we’re stuck somewhere where I can’t find clean water.

diaper bag 2

Comfort is fun and changes depending on where we are going but typically it consists of a swaddle blanket, a toy, and a book. Hats, gloves, jackets, and sunhats get thrown in this category too but obviously change according to the season. Although lately it seems we start our day bundled and end it sweating with sun hat and sock-less piggy toes.

diaper bag 1

Now for Mommy Musts, check these out. These get swapped in and out too but typically I bring a mini first aid kit (these are the perfect eyeglass case sized), sunblock, chapstick, wisp toothbrushes, my wallet, phone, and a change of clothes in case, well, you know.

So that’s my bag. I keep a couple of emergency items in my car as well like a mini changing kit, paper towels and wipes, and a big blanket. My girl scout motto of Always be Prepared kicked into overdrive upon becoming a Momma and it’s already come in handy.

Friday Can't Live Without It Link Up

What can’t I live without this week? Big bags.

tote 1

I’ve always been one to either have a small clutch with just my phone, license, and a credit card or a big ol’ tote stocked with all the things for every possible senario that day.

tote 2

I’m in love with this new reversable tote from Old Navy (sold out but similar here). It’s perfect for the office. I can fit my wallet, every day essentials, wipes and hand sanitizer (because everything is disgusting) and my calendar, notebook, and work papers.

I’m also a firm believer in firm bags. That is, ones that don’t flop over like a limp noodle. This tote stands up tall like an adorable pink soldier ready to provide me with whatever I need. Lip gloss? Check! Pens? Check! Corkscrew? Hey, it’s come in handy more times than you’d think!

tote 3So that’s my Can’t Live Without It for the week. Be sure to check out Newlyweds:North (soon to have a brand new name!), Home Sweet Ruby, and Happily Ever Parker.

Can't Live Without

Friday Can't Live Without It Link Up

I know it’s spring and the warm weather is just around the corner but I can’t help but share that my Can’t Live Without It this week is cozy throw blankets.

I’m a total sucker for a throw. Put me in a Holiday Yankee Swap with a throw and I’ll be gunning for it. I mean, you just can’t have too many. I think there’s about 6 in this basket alone.


I sat in my living room a couple nights ago wrapped up in this blanket, wine in hand, baby monitor on with my husband and just felt so cozy and safe. It was raining and I realized how much I missed warm, muggy, thunderstorms. We’ve been living in a snow globe for so long, I almost wanted to run out and dance in the rain…

Cozy Throw


Sitting on the couch under this throw listening to the rain tap the window panes was much better.

So that’s my Can’t Live Without It for the week. Be sure to check out Newlyweds:North, Home Sweet Ruby, and Happily Ever Parker.

Can't Live Without

Friday Can't Live Without It Link Up

I read a lot of blogs. More than I can actually keep up with- but lord do I try! And my blog feed has definitely morphed over the last couple months from all home decor blogs to all the cuteness and honesty of some fabulous Mommy blogs. But a couple have stood the test of time and one is Newlyweds:North.

Stephanie over at Newlyweds:North along with Laura and Cait are hosting a Friday Link Up and the topic of choice is “Can’t Live Without It.” There are sooo many things I feel I can’t live without but thinking about this past week the one that comes to mind is…

Fresh air.

blue sky

There’s no denying that this was a beast of a winter. Combine that with having a baby at the end of December and yes, I’ve been hibernating for the last 3 months.

Temperatures finally broke into the 50s last week and after a total Momma-meltdown on Wednesday night, my Momma promptly took me and my babe out for a walk.

Best. remedy. ever.

It was literally around the block for maybe 15 minutes but it made a world of difference. A four o’clock walk, home for a tubby and bottle and my boy was out before I could get through the first verse of Wheels on the Bus. It was fantastic. And left time for Momma to have a much needed glass of wine and episode of House of Cards with Dada.


Here’s the boy looking like Roy Orbison. Such a cool dude. Jared got us out for a walk again on Saturday which broke up my Easter cleaning/set up madness. I’m looking forward to many more walks with this stud all summer. It really has the ability to transform my mood and I know Eli appreciates breaking free from his life of captivity.

So that’s my Can’t Live Without It for the week. Be sure to check out Newlyweds:North, Home Sweet Ruby, and Happily Ever Parker. They won’t disappoint. And hey, maybe these blogs will become your Can’t Live Without It this week.


Can't Live Without

Baby Gear Essentials | 4-12 Weeks

So I dropped the ball on the every four week baby stuff posts so you are getting four all the way to 12 weeks today. These are the things we have not been able to live without!

baby gear


  1. I ‘grammed this a couple weeks ago but I’m completely in love with this Tadples Ash Wood Playmat. I saw it in another blogger’s post here and I have to second her sentiments that those giant primary color ABC mats are just not my style. I understand that babies and kids need colors and stimulation but don’t you think a neutral playmat helps make the toys themselves pop? Makes sense to me. Eli has really been finding his independence on this mat with lots of wiggling and even some rolling attempts!
  2. This Bright Starts Start Your Senses Sensory Plush Pals Dragonfly was one of the first toys that Eli has really responded to. I know I bought it from this link that clearly states “Dragonfly” but for some reason I’ve always called it “The Bee” and Eli just loves checking out and grabbing at The Bee.
  3. At some point I looked around and said, “I have a boy. We need to get him a ball or two or five!” And this Sassy Developmental Sensory Ball Set is the coolest. One ball is soft with tons of colors and polka dots with that crinkle material. Another ball is blue with all sorts of bumpy textures. It’s super lightweight so Eli can pick it up on his own. And the third is a noisy ball within a ball. The outside has openings that Eli can grab and wrap his little fingers around and the thing rolls like crazy. He wacks it and that thing goes across the room which is just hilarious to him!
  4. The drool in our house seems to be increasing daily. Instead of leaving little man in a damp onesie all day, he’s accessorizing like a champ with these Matimati Baby Bandana Drool Bibs. They are so cute and super soft around his neck. Plus there’s two snaps on the back so they grow with your baby. Love these.
  5. Thank the lord- Eli is a great sleeper and sleeps through most of the night. We’ll put him down between 6:30 and 7p and he’ll sleep until 3ish. Great stretch of sleep for Momma and Dada! And after a quick bottle he usually goes right back to sleep until 6a. That 3a bottle needs to be done quickly with as little light, movement, and sound as possible so he’s aware that it’s still the middle of the night and we’re not getting up to play. This Munchkin Light My  Nightlight is the perfect amount of light and Eli loves staring into his big eyes. It’s quite romantic actually.
  6. For that same 3a feeding, I don’t want to have to trudge downstairs to the kitchen for a bottle and back up again because then I’m awake! So every night I bring a bottle with pre-measured water up and then use this OXO Tot No-Spill Formula Dispenser to fill it. The dispenser holds 3 scoops of formula in three different compartments. I just have to swivle the opening to one compartment and dump the contents into the bottle. No muss, no fuss. And then I just refill the whole thing every three days. I have a second one that I use in the diaper bag and I’ve read that a lot of moms keep these for little snacks as baby grows.

An Ode to My Post Baby Body

Dear Baby Boy, I am different now. You’ve made me different.

My back is different- broad and strong. It’s spent hours bent over your changing table. Cleaning you, dressing you, making funny faces to make you smile. I’ve bent over your bassinet. Rubbing your belly, singing you songs, waiting for you to drift off to sleep.

My arms are different- muscular and tired. They’ve carried you in your car seat in and out of the house. They’ve held you, snuggled you, hugged you. Fallen asleep under you after the 48th verse of Wheels on the Bus.

My stomach is different- loose and far from toned. It may not be pretty, but it held you before my arms ever could. It was the first place I felt your tiny kicks and hiccups. It kept you safe and warm and for that, it will always be beautiful.

My breasts are different- lets just leave it at that. They’ve fed you, comforted you, soothed you. They were all we needed in the cool, dark, quiet nights together.

My eyes are different- older and sleepy. They are never closed for long but they wake to your big grin which is the best alarm clock I’ve ever had. They watch you get bigger and smarter everyday. But they are also filled with worry. They watch you cry, frustrated with your congestion. And stare at your belly rise and fall when you’re extra quiet at night.

I’m different, my sweet boy. But you’ve made me better. My body is stronger and my heart fuller. I love the me now. Perfectly imperfect and getting stronger everyday.

A Day in the Life | Part Two

12:30p Bottle and boobie feed. This is the last boobie feed during the 9 to 5 that I’ve yet to cut. We’ll tackle that next week but I have full confidence in the little man.

Since Eli can just lay on the Boppy and pretty much take breastfeeding into his own hands, Momma gets to check email on my phone or call my own Mum for a chat or even sneak in an episode of Parks and Recreation.

Not sure if it was his congestion or just a little extra sleepy but today, cuddles were in order. And I’m always happy to oblige!

1:30p Playtime! When Eli’s awake and alert I try to keep him engaged in more than just watching me fold laundry.

The tried and true baby activities are…

Reading books.

Eli’s favorites at the moment are The Little Engine That Could and The Giving Tree– which gets me every time! Tear!

But eventually books get old and we move on to the activity mat. This boy focuses on those hanging toys with such intensity! It’s so much fun to watch him and cheer him on. “Get that owl Eli! Yeah! Punch him!”

And when that gets old, I try a little tummy time on Momma and Dada’s bed but wanting to keep him upright as much as possible for his congestion today, we settled for a little face to face time with Momma and a toy or two.

2:30p Tuckered out.

Playtime can be exhausting!

Momma gets the rest of the laundries done, cleans up a bit, and sits down with a hot cup of coffee and my favorite mommy blogs.

3p But of course this was a nap fake out and he was up crying before I could finish my cup.

We check the diaper, walk around the house, but nothing seems to sooth so…

3:15p Bottle feed. These can be tricky because he does still expect his boob-time right after. It’s a struggle today but I think mostly due to his cold.

3:45p Dada comes home from running errands and delivers us a brand new humidifier!

Our old tiny one crapped out on us at three in the morning. This one comes highly recommended on all the mommy blogs and baby websites. You can purchase it here by the way.

4p Eli coughs and sneezes a lot while burping him so I plunk him in his car seat and immediately set up our new humidifier.

We’re both pretty mesmerized by the vapor for a while and it isn’t long before we’re both dozing.

5p It’s Friday night (and Valentine’s Eve) so Dada recommends we get take out which I gladly agree to. That’s my idea of romance! With all the snow, we haven’t really gotten out much so we’re going to pretend we’re in Cabo sunning ourselves and order Mexican.

5:45p Dada returns with dinner! I’m able to eat at the counter holding Eli but then the witching hour hits and he starts wailing. I finish dinner while Dada bounces the boy and sings him silly songs about donuts (we’re running out of material for our Eli songs).

6p Eli has a bottle and boob (I don’t think I’ve ever typed boob quite so much). Dada eats his burrito next to me and the breastfeeding boy. So romantic! Hey, at least I’m scantily clad.

6:45p Tubby time. Eli gets a bath every 2 or 3 days. We set up his little tub in the bathroom. He gets a nice washing and then over to his changing table where I dry him, lotion him all up, and get him in his cozies a.k.a. jammies.

I love when he’s all sweet and cooing wrapped up in his hooded towel.


7:30p Dada and Eli play and chat in our room while I run around “tucking the house in for the night.” Just tidying up and bringing two bottles and the Boppy up for the night.

7:45p Eli’s obviously tired but fussy so I recap our day in my PBS worthy soothing voice while rocking him and soon the crying dies, the eyelids droop, and the yawning begins.

8p I put him down and turn on our owl nightlight. Momma and Dada get to read and in my case edit photos and write this blog post while little man snores next to us with his humidifier pumping.

Hopefully Eli’s cold lets up this weekend. It’s really hard seeing him uncomfortable. But despite being a little off, we still had a lovely day in the life.