Mystical Monday

Every year, my college roommates and I try to spend one day catching up and reminiscing. During college and the years that followed we typically spent a fall day in New England enjoying fun on a farm complete with a dizzying corn maze. In the last few years, we’ve taken to Christmastime in Mystic, Connecticut. It’s a good half way point for us with some in Massachusetts and some still in Connecticut. I’ve known these fabulous women for ten years now and this year in particular with husbands and kids in tow, felt like there were so many more years to come!


But on to Mystic itself… Christmastime in Mystic Connecticut is magical! It’s a lovely lovely coastal town with a mix of some large homes, old homes, little cottages, and a thriving downtown. We typically eat at Mystic Pizza which was a terrible movie but they make great pizza! Downtown is lovely to walk through but can get pretty crowded and parking is tricky. We usually end up at Olde Mystic Village just next to the Mystic Aquarium.

This little area is filled with cute shops and places to eat/snack. It has a huge parking lot but the paths between shops are closed to traffic so it’s the perfect place to grab a hot cup of coffee and stroll. Back in college, the roomies and I would exchange gifts and then drive around singing carols and looking at Christmas lights. We did this once or twice in Mystic too and I was tempted to stay later and drive around with Jared this year. Maybe when we all have kiddos we can actually spend a weekend at the Whaler’s Inn┬áin Mystic where we have always wanted to stay and spend the evening piled in a car with cocoa and carols.

Thanks for a perfect day roomies! Can’t wait until our next reunion and to see what the next ten years will bring!





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