Friday Can't Live Without It Link Up

I love my family more than coffee… but please don’t make me prove it. Yes, my can’t live without it this week is coffee.

How’s that for a big new-parent cliche? I can’t live without coffee.


But honestly. Sometimes it makes me smile at 4:35am thinking that yes, I just fed the baby and have to wake up in 25 minutes to get ready for work but ahhh, there will be coffee. And it will be hot. And it will have more creamer than I care to admit. And it will be f’ing fabulous.

So that’s my Can’t Live Without It for the week. Short and sweet. Be sure to check out Olive & Tate, Home Sweet Ruby, and Happily Ever Parker for their Can’t Live Withouts. Have a fantastic caffeine-filled weekend everyone!

Cant live without

Let's Get Local | Adriana's Pastry & Cafe

Is there anything better than a local coffee shop? Now throw in that it’s beautiful, the food and coffee is organic, it has a view of the ocean, and it’s 2 blocks from your house. Uh, yeah- we struck coffee shop gold this week when Adriana’s Pastry & Cafe opened in Winthrop.


Please forgive the iphone photos but I wasn’t prepared to love this place so much that I had to write a blog post ASAP.


We had a possible plan for my first Mother’s Day but when little man barely slept Saturday night because of congestion (a.k.a. we didn’t sleep either) and woke up really droopy and just not himself- we decided to keep it simple and just walk to Adriana’s for the strongest coffee they had and pastry or three.

One glance of “Cold Brewed Coffee” on the chalkboard menu and Jared was in love. We promptly ordered up two- mine with room for milk, his giant with no room for anything but a straw. I had my eye on a chocolate croissant and a cinnamon roll and Jared couldn’t live without a fluffy looking layered cake. So yeah, we got everything.


In a mixup, Jared’s coffee was just iced rather than cold brew. John the owner must have overheard and let us know he would bring a cold brew right over. We told John how great the place looked and how wonderful it was to have such a lovely shop in Winthrop. He was proud of the look but prouder of the fact that everything was sustainable. The floors bamboo. The tables recycled steel. Even his cups were Greenware, a company which makes its products entirely from plants- not petroleum.


He went on to talk about the fact that everything was organic and kosher. He motioned to Eli (sound asleep in his stroller) and said that it was all so great for kids and he was excited to soon offer “those cake pop things.” Eli’s only just dipping a toe in the solid foods pond so slow down there John but yes, my Momma-mind did immediately envision a toddler Eli and me in line at Adriana’s- “two cake pops please!”


There was no denying that John knew what he was doing. The tables might have been empty in these photos but there was a steady stream of people the entire time we were there.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know by now my love of all things rustic chic and the decor at Adriana’s is just that.



The walls were covered in reclaimed wood from floor to ceiling. The fireplace was framed by a narrow row of chopped logs and its seating area anchored by an old push cart with iron wheels.


Each table had these little mason jars filled with coffee beans and battery powered tea lights that made me want to stick around until dark when I’m sure this gorgeous sparkling ocean view will flicker with the lights from the Boston skyline.


On our way out, I snapped this mosaic on the floor.


I know this will not be the last time my Converse will pass over this mug. Thanks John for this amazing new gem Winthrop gets to add to our treasure box of local eateries. If you haven’t tried it yet, stop by Adriana’s Pastry and Cafe at 19 Main Street in Winthrop, MA. You will probably see me there. I’ll be the Momma with bags under her eyes downing a cold brew and dreaming of my growing boy and cake pops.

I Like Big Bags & I Can Not Lie

So obviously you know how much I love big bags from my Can’t Live Without It post last Friday but my love for big bags doesn’t just end at totes. Oh no, I’m madly in love with my diaper bag.

diaper bag 6

We’re only just starting to venture out on trips with the little man. A harsh winter combined with an infant during cold and flu season makes for a long hibernation. But now that spring has sprung, we’re making some short day trips with Eli.

So what’s in my diaper bag you ask? Well let me show you…

diaper bag 5

It’s a lot but as we’ve found- entirely necessary. I’m sure things will change as he grows but since I love other bloggers “What’s in my bag” posts, I thought I’d let you all be nosey and check out mine.

First of all, this bag was a gift from my cousin and his wife and I absolutely love it. I bought an organizer with different sized pockets from Amazon since I need compartments and not a bottomless pit kind of bag.

I store everything with four categories in mind- diapering, feeding, comfort, and mommy musts.

diaper bag 4

Diapering is pretty basic- changing pad, diapers, wipes, creams, dirty diaper bags, and a change of clothes in case, well, you know. I also bring a couple washcloths and wet bags that could be used for a variety of things.

diaper bag 3

Feeding is sure to evolve (it already has since we’ve stopped breastfeeding) but for now it includes a bottle or two, my formula dispenser (I talked about this handy gadget here), extra formula on-the-go packets, burp cloths, and a bottle of water just in case we’re stuck somewhere where I can’t find clean water.

diaper bag 2

Comfort is fun and changes depending on where we are going but typically it consists of a swaddle blanket, a toy, and a book. Hats, gloves, jackets, and sunhats get thrown in this category too but obviously change according to the season. Although lately it seems we start our day bundled and end it sweating with sun hat and sock-less piggy toes.

diaper bag 1

Now for Mommy Musts. These get swapped in and out too but typically I bring a mini first aid kit (these are the perfect eyeglass case sized), sunblock, chapstick, wisp toothbrushes, my wallet, phone, and a change of clothes in case, well, you know.

So that’s my bag. I keep a couple of emergency items in my car as well like a mini changing kit, paper towels and wipes, and a big blanket. My girl scout motto of Always be Prepared kicked into overdrive upon becoming a Momma and it’s already come in handy.

Friday Can't Live Without It Link Up

What can’t I live without this week? Big bags.

tote 1

I’ve always been one to either have a small clutch with just my phone, license, and a credit card or a big ol’ tote stocked with all the things for every possible senario that day.

tote 2

I’m in love with this new reversable tote from Old Navy (sold out but similar here). It’s perfect for the office. I can fit my wallet, every day essentials, wipes and hand sanitizer (because everything is disgusting) and my calendar, notebook, and work papers.

I’m also a firm believer in firm bags. That is, ones that don’t flop over like a limp noodle. This tote stands up tall like an adorable pink soldier ready to provide me with whatever I need. Lip gloss? Check! Pens? Check! Corkscrew? Hey, it’s come in handy more times than you’d think!

tote 3So that’s my Can’t Live Without It for the week. Be sure to check out Newlyweds:North (soon to have a brand new name!), Home Sweet Ruby, and Happily Ever Parker.

Can't Live Without

New in the Nursery

I’m sure I’m not the only blogger to post a beautiful Nursery Reveal with sweet artwork and perfectly pressed crib linens and then turn around four months later to see an actual lived in nursery with spit up on the carpet, curtains drawn, and toys strewn about.

I’d say I still keep a pretty tight ship when it comes to neatness but there are plenty of adjustments we’ve made now that an actual baby lives here.

For starters, we live on my cousin’s homemade quilt and the activity gym from my brother and sister-in-law. So that is just constantly set up right outside his closet door.


We installed this shelf not long after I posted the Nursery Reveal. It just made perfect sense in that space and I love seeing his little stuffed animals perched there when I walk by.


Hi guys!


Then there’s the addition of this Eli stool. This is a family tradition that started when I was an itty bitty girl. My Dad made me a pine Julie stool that I could use to brush my teeth and hop up to my big girl bed. It was a simple stool but I used it for everything right up through high school! Now, my Dad uses the finest woods and gives them to our family members on their first birthday. Eli cut the line and got a beautiful cherry one last month!


And finally, there’s the dresser/changing table wall. I had to totally rearrange this wall once Eli started swinging his little arms around and actually wacked a frame. It didn’t come off the wall but I decided to hang all the frames much higher and hang a light little clothesline within reach. The photos can be swapped out whenever we want and I love that Eli can look at family members while he’s on the table.


To be honest, if I could do it all over again, I’d choose the lightest decor for above the dresser. It made me super nervous when Eli swung for the frame. I suppose it’s better than hanging things above the crib since we’ll always be standing at the dresser with him, but still- hindsight.


This is still my most favorite room in our whole house. It’s sweet and warm and filled with my little man’s toys and clothes. It makes me so happy to think of him growing up here. I hope he loves it as much as I do!

Friday Can't Live Without It Link Up

I know it’s spring and the warm weather is just around the corner but I can’t help but share that my Can’t Live Without It this week is cozy throw blankets.

I’m a total sucker for a throw. Put me in a Holiday Yankee Swap with a throw and I’ll be gunning for it. I mean, you just can’t have too many. I think there’s about 6 in this basket alone.


I sat in my living room a couple nights ago wrapped up in this blanket, wine in hand, baby monitor on with my husband and just felt so cozy and safe. It was raining and I realized how much I missed warm, muggy, thunderstorms. We’ve been living in a snow globe for so long, I almost wanted to run out and dance in the rain…

Cozy Throw


Sitting on the couch under this throw listening to the rain tap the window panes was much better.

So that’s my Can’t Live Without It for the week. Be sure to check out Newlyweds:North, Home Sweet Ruby, and Happily Ever Parker.

Can't Live Without

Mudroom Closet

With spring comes spring cleaning and organizing and for us that tends to mean more house projects. So get excited! There may actually be some home improvement posts in this little blog’s future!

Today it’s a small one but a valuable one- the addition of a mudroom closet.


We got this mammoth beast from- where else? Good ol’ IKEA. I knew we wanted to get one PAX System closet for quite some time now but with so many options for drawers, shelves, and hooks on the inside, I wasn’t positive of the combination I wanted. So with Eli with Grammy, Gramps, Jared, and I popped over to IKEA to make our selections.

The woman in the closet section was super helpful. She hooked us up with a computer and I got to design away. With all the options on display, all I had to do was look around and see what kind of configuration we wanted.

And what did we end up with…


One shelf above the hanger bar (that you can’t even see in this photo) and another half shelf with four wire drawers. These are perfect for scarves, gloves, and hats. There’s a drawer for Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear.


The hardware we chose was not IKEA. This is something we learned is key for not making your house seem like an IKEA showroom. We went with a really strong, heavy iron. It matches the anchor coat hangers we have.


The cabinet really does look built in since it’s the same 8 foot height as the wall behind it and tucked into a corner. Our mudroom has really turned into a perfectly functional space for us.


We even added this little message center that’s a chalkboard and a magnetic surface. It’s perfect for keeping info about Eli ready for Grammys or babysitters and walking in the door to those cute pics is almost as fun as seeing the little man himself!


Friday Can't Live Without It Link Up

I read a lot of blogs. More than I can actually keep up with- but lord do I try! And my blog feed has definitely morphed over the last couple months from all home decor blogs to all the cuteness and honesty of some fabulous Mommy blogs. But a couple have stood the test of time and one is Newlyweds:North.

Stephanie over at Newlyweds:North along with Laura and Cait are hosting a Friday Link Up and the topic of choice is “Can’t Live Without It.” There are sooo many things I feel I can’t live without but thinking about this past week the one that comes to mind is…

Fresh air.

blue sky

There’s no denying that this was a beast of a winter. Combine that with having a baby at the end of December and yes, I’ve been hibernating for the last 3 months.

Temperatures finally broke into the 50s last week and after a total Momma-meltdown on Wednesday night, my Momma promptly took me and my babe out for a walk.

Best. remedy. ever.

It was literally around the block for maybe 15 minutes but it made a world of difference. A four o’clock walk, home for a tubby and bottle and my boy was out before I could get through the first verse of Wheels on the Bus. It was fantastic. And left time for Momma to have a much needed glass of wine and episode of House of Cards with Dada.


Here’s the boy looking like Roy Orbison. Such a cool dude. Jared got us out for a walk again on Saturday which broke up my Easter cleaning/set up madness. I’m looking forward to many more walks with this stud all summer. It really has the ability to transform my mood and I know Eli appreciates breaking free from his life of captivity.

So that’s my Can’t Live Without It for the week. Be sure to check out Newlyweds:North, Home Sweet Ruby, and Happily Ever Parker. They won’t disappoint. And hey, maybe these blogs will become your Can’t Live Without It this week.


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